Tuesday 26 March 2024

WWII Naval Wargame - played on 24/03/2024

Our friend Patrick has some WWII ship models and asked to test a simple rule from an old wargame rule book. Steven and me joined the game.
First game saw me and Steven each with an American battle ship escorted by 2 destroyers facing the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen

Both allied battleships started to target the Bismarck which concentrated it's fire first on the destoyers.
A mistake. The damage its sustained mounted rapidly, while the Prinz Eugen's range dropped short.

Torpedos from the destoyers finished of the Bismarck while the battleships took care of the Prinz Eugen. Clear German defeat.

The second game : The Ark Royal carrier, escorted by 2 destroyers,  had to cross the table , receiving from the other side of the table reinforcements of an American battleship, also escorted by 2 destroyers.
Again, the Bismarck and Prinz Eugen on the other side, while this time reinfored by 2 destoyers

This time as we had reorientated the wargame plates which reduced the distance between the enemy forces. This resulted with the destroyers rapidly wothin range to lauch their torpedos.  The damage that a torpedo inflicted was (to) heavy, and with the launch of 4 torpedos in close range, 3 hits resulted in the immidiate sinking of the Bismarck, which had hit the Ark Royal very hard, but was still afload. At the same time, a allied destroyer and a German one also were iliminated . 

The next the remaining german destroyer did put a torpedo into the Ark Royal, starting to sink. While with another allied destoyer put out of action, the remainder of the German fleet was destroyed. Another alllied victory, but a minor one with the goal of keeping the Ark Royal save, having failed.


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