Monday, 3 November 2014

Hattin at Crisis; first serie of pics


  1. Very nice pictures made during a terrific gaming day out! Some breath a sense of realism with big crowds of colorful, combatting figures from the opposing parties. I've myself gained more insight and skill concerning the 'About Ceasar' (54mm gaming rule set by D. Donvil, available at Caliver Books) game rule system (thanks to Siegfried!). Good to see the majority of the PMCD Mobilisatie gaming club, in person once again. Good coffee & tasty Belgium beers.

  2. Lovely photos. I'd like to hear about the rules and battle. I just discovered your blog. have yu seen my blogs? Quantrill's Toy Soldiers and Joc's Cartoons?

  3. Hi James,
    Welcome on the blog.
    The rule is "About Caesar" from Caliver books.

    I have made a Youtube posting of the battle : a href=""

    Have taken a look at your blog. It seems we share the same intrest.

  4. Took a look at the Quantrill's Toy Soldiers blog by James. Posted some comments there too: questioning had to do with your rule set. Thanks for your qualifications James. In your blog I saw you do indeed follow a parallel path to toy soldier fun. Enjoy!