Sunday, 23 November 2014

Preparing pirates game in 54mm

 test game on November  30st. Testing a fast play skirmish rule for

Will the marines be able to stop them

A lot op pirates

eager for blood

armed and dangerous

but will they cooperate

or start fighting each other

looking for booty

looking for rum

going for the kill

liberating their comrades

but the townfolk will fight back

protecting their wives

against these wildmen.


  1. I do recognize the Hing Fat's. What brand(s) are 'looking for the booty' and 'going for the kill'? I have 48 Replicants Marines but they are unpainted thusfar. Sorry to must let go next sunday; I have serious family obligations. In a future pirate game I CAN bring in 2 x 8 US Marines in green/red and musket armed + an officer and a handful of ships and boats for either side.

  2. going for the kill is a Barszo figure, The looking for booty/rum figures are Marx (60mm) toy soldiers..

  3. Have fun Sunday with the party.

    In the past, we already did a fantastic pirates game, but with these figures unpainted. (it's legendary within the club).
    Me as referee /controling the townfolk and soldiers. all the other players being pirate commanders asaulting a city looking for booty and trying to liberate their chief. The one with the most treasures was the winner, (but there were not only treasures in the houses, also barrels of rum but also women, making the pirates forget their goal (figures lost). By the end, the pirates were fighting each other...