Saturday, 9 April 2016

Preparing combat forces for WWII 54mm wargaming

Adding to my earlier shwon German tanks, I'm preparing the infantry units. Many of my figures are '70 Airfix figures.

Still to come: Americans, Japanese and Russians. I have also much more vehicles (Shermans, T34, Churchills, Mark IV, panzerjäger, etc..


  1. Dirk, if you like, I can paint you up some WWII soldiers of your choice. Country and troop type is all I need to get started. It would be useful to know how many figs. form a unit in this setting.

  2. Hi Marcel. The plan is to make a new About... variant (so 8 figures/unit). The theory looks good, but test have proven much rewriting has to be done. Concerning figures. I have the figures I want to paint. Just need the time...

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