Saturday, 17 December 2016

54mm Napoleonic game Peninsular battle of Mesa Dalfombra 11 December 1813 - PART 1

Fictional battle replay on 11th December 2016

An English – Spanish – Portuguese force awaits the attack of a French –allied force.

On the French side, Ronny commanded the right wing. On the far right 6 battalions of veteran Light infantry with skirmish capability. Then a medium battery, 2 dragoon medium cavalry units, and 4 units of regular infantry.  Than me (Dirk) with 2 line infantry units, 2 heavy batteries, which I deployed in grand battery, 2 large units of Swiss regular line infantry,  another 3 units of veteran infantry, 2 units of dragoons with a (light) horse battery, and finally to the extreme left 2 Württenberg units, a veteran light infantry battalion and an elite jäger battalion, both with skirmish capabilities.

Adrien is in command of the Portuguese-Spanish force on the British allied  right consisting of 4 Portuguese battalions of Caçadores and 2 more Portuguese Regular line units. The Spanish part consisted of 4  line units with Green status and one light infantry unit regulars with skirmish ability. Moreover, there was a medium artillery battery, 1 unit of cuirassiers and two (medium) line cavalry units.Siegried commanded the British division, with  4 veteran line infantry units, 3 Scottish veteran infantry units , a heavy battery and 2 light dragoon cavalry regiments.

The French were the attackers, the British allied force as usual in a strong defensive  position , on and behind a ridge. 

I asked Ronny to make good use of his big skirmish force of 6 light infantry units  on the far right, and put pressure on the scots and battery in front of him. The brooks could protect him against possible charges of the infantry. In try in the centre should advance a bit to protect the batteries against
On my side, the plan was to  batter the enemy lines with the artillery and make use of the Württenbergers to  outflank the Spanish lines by passing through the woods and marsh.

So apart from infantry advancing in gunfire from the batteries with little effect, our first turn was nothing.  The British turn was something completely different.  Siegfried targeted the Ronny’s artillery with his heavy battery inflicting two casualties, rendering the battery almost useless. Moreover he charged with his Light dragoons one of my infantry units. A charge with light cavalry on  a fresh unit with support. I felt confident this would be not a problem.  

But it was  horror . Throwing 3 flags against me and me only one “C” . MY unit was broken. With the doubling of flags, it also mend my supporting unit broke too, and Siegfried had a breakthrough. Luckily for me the closed unit on our side was infantry of Ronny, and not my grand battery. Ronny’s infantry stood firm and the light dragoons retreated.  Victory chances lowered from the first turn. Not a good start.

In the centre, Siegfried continued sending his dragoons in charges, but no longer with great success and their effectives melting away.   But Ronny’s dragoons were on their turn also hit by the heavy battery, losing 2 figures.  His other dragoon unit tacking casualties against the light dragoons. It didn’t go well in the centre, not making any progress.

On the left, I tried to follow the plan, but Adrien, stimulated by Siegfrieds success, launched two of his (green) infantry units on a charge against my (Elite) Württenberger Jäger unit.  This time, it was me throwing the flags and with the green status, the flags doubled for the Spanish troops.  The result was two of Adriens units were broken. The score was more or less levelled.

My Württenberger skirmish units entered the woods. Adrien deployed his light infantry to counter.

Hoping to stall my advance he also threw in his cavalry, several chargers, retreats and renewed chargers ensuing. My cavalry, aided by the grand battery took the upper hand. 


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