Tuesday, 13 December 2016

What you did not think could happen ...

Well, my friends,
I, probably like Dirk, I never thought to have the honor to present in Italy the rules of the About serie  but it happened and although I am not entirely satisfied, the Italian adventure of wargame born in Belgium continues and this is definitely a great achievement.

The site chosen for the debut is my Lucca, for fifty years the venue of Lucca Comics & Games, the international exhibition of comics, illustration, intelligent game and everything documenting entertainment through the media, the world of wargames among others.
For five days the city becomes the capital of the comic and the game and even this year visitors have exceeded 280,000. A great success!!
Thanks to a friend who has a big store in town, I was able to take advantage of two retail spaces, his shop and the stand at the exhibition, nothing better to show and sell the first official copies in Italy.
Naturally I must present the rules with all visibility possible and then with playbills, posters and business cards spread out in the places that I attend.

                           My first poster in A3.

News business cards for the rules. Italian title is Avanti per Bonaparte!

A bookmark with a photo of Waterloo battle for the 200 years.

A few advertisement booklets for the city.
Oops...a plane. Sorry, it's not for launch flyers. I haven't so many money.

The new pocket edition of the book.

A fantastic edition of the rules of Avanti per Cesare!

                            A view on work done. 

In short, I think I've done everything possible for this first Italian time, and I hope there will be many other occasions .

To conclude this adventure, the game has made himself known and has sold the first copies among fans, not a triumph that left us rich, but a great experience that I hope will continue in 2017.
Satisfied with the project my friend, which will maintain its support to the Italian edition and I hope also Master Dirk, now present between the best wargames with his works.
Better luck next time!


  1. Thanks for the posting Massimo. Lucca Commics seems to be a fantastic event. Thanks also for the promoting the rules for such a big audience!

  2. Ciao Dirk, I sincerely thank you for your words, but it was a pleasure to present the game to the Italian fans, a great experience for which I was to mentioned in the post both you and Dave for the great support.
    One thing to point out though is that, despite the large numbers of Lucca Comics,the fans od Wargames World are not as many as I would have thought. The space dedicated to them has been decreased, and their faces are always the same, a few new arrivals. We can only hope in occassions more targeted and specific as Calenzano in Spring. On the other hand, those who had read of Avanti per Bonaparte! on Dadi & Piombo and on my posts in Soldatini on Line, have recognized immediately the rules and they are at least approached at the stand as in store.I was not perfect at all, as in the great battles the dream obscures the reality, but I do hope that this is a first step and that the latter enjoy this first experience in the field.
    My best wishes to you and to all the group members, not fear, in my next post I retorn to my toy soldiers, Russian army approaching!!!

  3. Dear Massimo, lots of thanks for your venue in this. Looking forward to your latest figures and/or games. I, myself had lesser time to game the last year due a new professional position. Still I played games, mostly with my son and/or Stan as opponent. Possibly and hopefully I will have more possibilities during the next year. Kindest regards!