Thursday, 19 January 2017

Battle of Sotapeli March 4th 1808 - a fictive wargame battle in 54mm (part 1)


 The Swedish CIC, Lieutenant General Karl Nathanael af Klercker decides to give the Russians a blow trying to annihilate the Russian column. The Russian CIC , Friedrich Wilhelm Count von Buxhoevden , has been alerted by his Cossacks scouts about the concentration of Swedish troops and hurries with a division to the rescue. Klercker , aware of the Russian main force, turn the bulk of his army to slow down the Russian advance, while the jäger column is dealt with.

The dice decided.: Ronny as Swedish CIC, Siegfried as commander of the force dealing with the Russian jäger column, Adrien as Russian CIC, Dirk as commander of the Russian jäger brigade, and one regiment of the Russian main force. 

The jägers deployed around the column.

But the crossfire of the Swedish jägers, the finnish regiments and the artillery was lethal for the Russians. 

In no time, two battalions were destroyed. another one isolated in front of the column, were I had no other option than to go into the offensive attacking a Finnish unit in woods, and pushing them out and now having themselves the cover of the woods. But, now completely surrounded, it was just a matter of time before also this unit was gone.

Pavlograd Hussars

In the meanwhile,  With the dense woods, Adrien was struggling to organise his troops before going into the offensive. Ronny, tried to create a defence line.
I had to try to sent my line regiment in support of the battered jägers.
But Ronny hurried his Swdish jäger battalion to my side of the table, giving flank fire and frustrating my advance.

I had to use my grenadier battalion to drive of the Swedish jägers, but it took a few turn. Time my Russian jägers hadn't, and it gave Siegfried the time to urge part of his troops towards my advancing line battalions.

The first encounters of the main Swedish and Russian forces in the middle.
At first the Swedes stood firm.


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    1. Again a game I did not want to miss but I sadly had to. Still glad to know I still have several boxes of these 'Brunswickers' laying about.. as you can see here, one can do wonderful things with them. Things that do not exactly lie in the lines of expectation for these Hat figs. The Timpo action pack Prussians are convincing as Russian line too. A keen eye mixed these lots wonderfully well. Entering a scenario with a convoy involved, makes a fine pivot for players of both sides. Looking marvelous again.