Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Battle of Sotapeli March 4th 1808 - a fictive wargame battle in 54mm (part 2)

The Swedish Jäger had retreated towards the centre , giving my one Battalion in full strength to try to connect with the remaining Russian jägers whom had retreated into the cover of woods at the edge of the table., But Siegried urged 2 of his battalions towards the breach and I  had to stop my attempt.

Then Siegfried thought  about sending his Jägers in with a charge to finish of my remaining Jägers. I thought it was a dangerous idea as the Swedish Jägers in skirmish formation, against the Russian Jägers, in cover with their general, was a very disadvantaged gamble with very useful troops. After calculating the odds, Siegfried diverted his Jägers towards the endangered Swedish centre .
My grenadier battalion had charged Ronny'sJäger battalion  for the second time, and now the Swedes broke, the grenadiers obliged  to make a breakthrough charge, which was less successful.  But it made my grenadiers very vulnerable,  their flank exposed.  Adrien on his turn also charged a Swedish battalion in the centre sending it backwards with heavy losses.

The Swedish turn was a disaster for my command. My grenadiers were hit in the flank by the hussars of Siegfried’s command. The grenadiers stood firm but lost halve of their figures. My "rescue" battalion was attack by Siegfrieds 2 battalions strong blocking force, pushing my unit of table. My command was halved with only units in bad shape at breaking point. 

Swedish two figures unit of dragoons

But Adrien’s force was still in strength and the Swedes to dispersed to mount a coordinated  defence.

Siegfried asked Ronny to start a retreat  But Ronny had already been able to push back 2 attacks on his right flank and  judged his position strong enough to withstand other attempts.

Jägers covering the retreat
It proved to be a fatal mistake. The third charge of Adrien’s force broke Ronny's veterans and destroyed this battery. suddenly , Ronny’s force was in complete chaos.  Flight the only option, turning a draw with the benefit of a captured supply column into a defeat.

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  1. I keep loving this ridiculous hobby.... Fun gameboys!