Sunday, 13 August 2017

Crisis Antwerp 2017 project: Plataea 479BC - participation game: preparing Persians & Medes

The X-Force figures (2 Medes provincial infantry, 1 Satrap Guard infantry) painting finished except for some finishing touches and the varnish.

Persian cavalry: The 3 units needed for plateaa

The generals: one for each of the 4 divisions and one for the Perisan cavalry

Starting 4 units of Persians: 1 of Archers & Slingers, 1 of Kardakes and 2 of Provincial infantry.


  1. Dirk, I will probably draw the wrong conclusions; but why do you start your footmen (last two pictures) with all black over flesh areas? Weapons and faces appear to be the same base color... or am I tricked by the light. Not of importance but it fascinates me. Greetz, Marcel

  2. It's the light, they are not as dark as it looks. I did indeed use several colours for faces, as not everybody has the same teint.