Saturday, 19 August 2017

Fictive 1805 campaign of another club

I Participated in a fictive 1805 campaign of another club(the Stipsicz-Hussars from Aalst)
An 1805 campagn where France not only faced the Russians and the Austrians, but also the Prussians.
I was the Russian player. Hereunder the deploment areas of the players
Russian and Austrians had 4 corps, the Prussians 5 of which two were small.
The French had 8, but one was a Bavarian corps one was cavalry and one very small.
The pure French corps could move2x faster than the others, The cavalry corps even more.
The quality of the French was higher, but the sheer numbers of the allies were too telling.
The French won more battles, but the bigger battles were for the Allies.
The rule for the battles was the "Refight" rule by Karim Van Overmeire, who was also the organisor of the campaign.Battle reports on their clubs site:

2nd battle of Weimar

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