Wednesday, 6 May 2015


How much are we willing to wait before making a dream?
I do not know but in recent years, thanks to your enthusiasm, I believed it was possible to give form and substance to a desire that I carried in by time.
From this moment, I can think of have reached that  point of no return where every soldier in the painting is more a part of me that reaches the army of my passions, the dream of a child who meets the frustrations of an adult.
No, this is my first French Army and, from now on, nothing will ever be the same.
A first look at the battalions.

A great effort that you have joined some friends (even relatives ...) with free gifts really exceptional.

Italeri mon Amour!

Hat forever!

French official painted by the master Luciano Leni, with friends like these ...

Grenadiers and Voltigeurs: second to right is a grognard paint by my Brother Nicola.

Moreno Bianchi, will be with me to Waterloo for the bicentenary. These are his courassiers, simply magnificent!

This is his light artillery, as you see friends haven't left me alone

Beyond my line there is, in red hat, "Felice", my wife's gnome, no fear, in his heart is a brave french grognard!

Forward to the bayonet

A long line.

Ready to advance behind the cavalry.


Now I get to paint antagonists: the Russians Army of Tsar Alexander. This adventure began for "game", it is appropriate to say, and continues for several months. Appreciate my good will, I'm only (or almost ...) and I need to do on both sides, but now we're almost to end and the two armies are pawing.
I hope you enjoyed this effort, a tribute also to return the enthusiasm that give me your post.
A presto.


  1. Stunning! Almost to beautifull to have on a wargame table.

    1. Thanks Dirk,
      but my photo are not so good. I hope that next time, with the Russians, I am able to do better. Of course by this time, every soldier, every battalion and regiment each will progress to the development of new battles, campaigns or other of the Napoleonic period. This is only the first leg of my trip that will continue with new battalions Russians and then, back on the French and Prussians. The Prussians are an important step because they are alleate of Russians and of the English, and I take my armies from Eylau to Waterloo in new and exciting battles.
      Thanks for marvelous labels again I will use them soon.
      Ciao di nuovo!

  2. Massimo, having fun in what you do is the major thing. I't's nice to read your enthusiasm, so that goes both ways around. I guess you do not take commissions? as I would like to have some genuine 'Mannari' painted figures in my collection ;-)) A pity you can't join us once in a while when we're gathered around the wargame table(s). You're stay in Belgium, at the Waterloo 200 years celebrations will be only a weekend I guess?

  3. Thank you for your appreciation Marcel, but I'd be ashamed to ask money for my soldiers, I do not think that really are at this level!
    Then I have to always emphasize that I am back on my program even if by now, I can count on a base to be enlarged with new sets. If I think of your country and the hundreds of toy soldiers that I saw moving I feel bad, many were there? Tell me to calm me the number, I have to calculate how many years it will take me.
    Soon the Russians will be able to make their grand entrance on the battlefield but I continue to be alone to work while instead began to find more and more people who want to play. I think the most disappointed by not being able to play with you is really me and, for the Bicentennial of Waterloo I will stay in Belgium only for 4 days, at least I hope to meet someone of yours group although I fear that we could really only greet. given the objective problems language, this will still be a great moment for me.
    This is not only a trip but really a great dream!

  4. Sorry friends,
    my traslator has write country and not Campaign. Marcel, I remember, you are a napoleonic reenactor, can I find you in the Waterloo battlefield? In that side, the Allies?

  5. My group can be found at former auberge Le Caillou, (D)ernier (Q)uarter (G)éneral de (N)apoleon (DQGN= Last headquarters of Napoleon). All the French guard units will be quartered there. There's a small museum too. Les Grenadiers Hollandais will look like the regular Old Guard grenadiers but wearing white and red Habit's (uniform coats) and sky blue overcoats. The attending grenadiers and musicians will be Dutch and French speaking. I will myself NOT be there, sorry to miss you out there! Do you use Facebook Massimo?

    1. No Marcel, I don't use Facebook because it not like me, perhaps in time I undestand his use but for now I prefer email for speak with my friends. If you want you can write to
      Sorry don't see you at Bicentennial, you are my first friends lost in the battle!
      I hope to meet you and Dirk in place for almost a greeting. I am very disappointed.
      A question for you: Les grenadiers Hollandais are present in the battle of Waterloo?