Friday, 8 May 2015

Our campaign battle on Youtube 2nd battle of Regensburg 1809

Muic from the coronation of Napoleon


  1. Wow, what a great animation report. This must have costed again a full afternoon (or probably more) to make. This makes a nice afterparty and brings another piece of the cake to the absent audience (thank our creator for the internet). I really like the animated campaigning routes leading up to the final engagement. I'm not sure if all participants at the table (field officers) were actually managing the individual exelfiles for campaign movements (the staff officers) too? I know of some in my staff (IXth Saxon Corps) that were not at the table. I like to thank them here and now for their participation, enthusiasm, time and 'brothers-in-arms-ship'`; Peter (von Polenz) and Stan (Dupas)... with honors! ;-)) Thanx. I'm sure it would have been even more fun if you were both there as field officers, too. Maybe next time.

  2. Thanks Marcel. It indeed took many hours of work for just a few seconds of animation and a youtube posting of only 5 minutes.
    Will make another posting with what i thought before the game, would have been the strategy for the Austrian to win this battle, with a very big chance of succes.

  3. With a marvelous work like this I don't understand because About Bonaparte isn't still in third reprinting.
    Beautiful animation and great sequence of photos, I wonder if, at time, I will be able to do something like that too for my battles.
    Naturally, a meritate victory for the Empereur!