Sunday, 3 May 2015

Victrix Voltigeurs 54mm as 2 French line battalions for "About Bonaparte" wargame rule


  1. I've seen 'm on the table and they are a welcome variation indeed. Perfect for the modelers (the glue addicts ;-)) ) the painters, historians and gamers alike. Prizes are almost equal to 'soft'plastic whole castings. Bit more work, but some are on the hunt for just that. These sure offer lots of conversional possibilities and are multi usable when painted in an other countries uniform scheme. I just mention the Rhine-State Saxons (again).

  2. Hey Dirk,
    I understand where you put the pics you mentioned, I think I can set up the battalions that way without a lot of trauma, as has happened to me last year to renew the wrong bases for About Bonaparte. Very well made toy soldiers Victrix that I plan to paint from time. My Victrix will probably be my Italian in the battlefield but it will take another few months.
    Ciao a tutti and good job to all!