Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Crisis Antwerp 2015 LOTR battle of the Ten Armies

Our biggest LOTR battle until now. 
On a 4m by 2 m table  Good And Evil clashed.
The mumakil unit brought terror between the dwarfs and destroyed quickly 2 units. 
The Elves archers and Gondor archers and artillery exploited the big distance the Evil armies of ocrs and Uruk-Hai had to cover to inflict many casualties. to Evil troops already exhausted before coming a grip. On the Evil left the goblin army of 18 units of whom 3 where mountain troll units face the armies or Rohan. The cavalry of Rohan stormed forward but failed to make major breakthroughs, and lost momentum. On the Evil right, the dwarfs recovered and the Ent unit helped to destroy the mumakill unit. The Ruhn army was pushed back and the first to break. The Haradrim army stood ground, the dwarfs to exhausted hesitated.
On the Good right, the goblins used their superior numbers to bring the Rohan commanders to despair and finally chasing them of table. Now the goblins turned to the centre. But the Gondor army hadn't sustained much casualties so far and had enough reserves to face this treat on top of the  one of the weakened Uruk -Hai.  Also the good use of spells of the wizards of the Good was a problem for the Uruk-Hai army. The Gondor cavalry even charged one of the battle troll orc units  but couldn't destroy it. It took away this treat from the Elves. The orcs where on to their reserves by now while the Elves had only sustained minor losses. They were confident enough to go to the offensive themselves and with not much left to stop them, also the fate of the orc army and the Evil side was doomed.

A great battle with much interest of the visitors, some joining in. 

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