Thursday, 17 May 2018

Louvre Lens "L'empire des roses" exposition and visit to Arras end of April

L' Empire Des Roses is about the art in Persia in the 19th century
Persia came under the influence of Europe but also kept his long tradations of art.

What came also under my attention was the link with Napoleon Bonaparte.

The ambassador

Traditional and western style cloading and unifforms

 I would like to mention the wars Persia fought with Russia in the Napoleonic era. (1804-1813 and 1826-1828)

For the region, these were important wars as Persia lost Georgia, Armenia, Dagestan and Azerbaijan in the process. 
Tried to find some more information on it, but no recent publication I could find. 

The remainder of the day : visit to the Necropole of Notre-Dame de Lorette
French soldiers of the great War

The ruins of a nearby monastery.

End of the day : visit to a quarry under Arras that was used during the war by the British to dig tunnels towards the German lines.


  1. Very interesting article Dirk. In what place were you, where they had this information?

  2. The museum is a branch of The Louvre in Paris. It contains pieces of what couldn't be displayed in Paris. They do also temporary expositions like the "Empire of the Roses". As you can see, with al the visitors from Flanders, they also display comments in Dutch.