Saturday, 15 March 2014

Before the battle: the adventure continues ...

If there is a merit that absolutely must be acknowledged to the Web, it is to meet the hopes and dreams of people who perhaps (but I hope not ...) will never meet face to face.
So began this adventure, a request between two enthusiast, one Belgian, one Italian , which was translated (it appropriate to say!) in two volumes,  nothing of deeply cultural but a achievement that rewards a research (mine) and a work that lasted years (the rules of Dirk Donvil).
Avanti per Bonaparte! e Avanti per Cesare!  are a great tribute to the great little plastic figures that have kept us company in our youth and we would like to once again bring ideally life on the battlefields, in line facing the enemy or in superb charges on horseback.

For me, the second part of this adventure begins after the Italian translation of About Bonaparte, with my work  with the colors and uniforms of France and Russia, a clash perhaps never  happened but possible, because many small battles were fought during the campaign of 1812 between the  troops of the two sides.

So, this is the place,a village near Sevardino, where French troops read sighted Russian battalions ready to work around the corps of Napoleon's army.

Column of march to the Russian battalion on the old road.

 A veteran of Replicant, few details but great charisma. A piece that adds personality to the battle in progress.

The Carabineers Hat arrange themselves in skirmish formation.

A battalion of the Guard arrives in reinforcement. Status: veterans.

 Who leads them?
Maybe Cambronne, long before Waterloo.

The officers commanding the battalion of Voltigeurs on the left of the church.

The Russians are about to enter the building, after the battle for the possession of the village will be even harder for the French ...

Phase of fire. The line of skirmishers is ready.

The church is meant to be the heart of the battle.

 The Russian battalions in the field are three. Musketeers of the line. Trained forces, ready to die.

 The French are preparing to break into the church ....

But this is only a simulation of real battle. Once I adjusted the size of the field of battle there will be a effective report ,  for now ...Vive l'Empereur!


  1. Avé Massimo! What a magnificent contribution. As written earlier, these postings are so tremendously inspiring for guys 'like us'.
    I'm a great fan of the replicant grenadier veteran in Bonnet de Police headgear. Trying to find these French Napoleonics eagerly. But what a fantastic paint jobs are done on these figures! You did this yourself? Hope to see a lot more from where this came from. Is it appropriate to inform on the origin of the Russian Orthodox church building? Is it scratch build by you? The 1812 campaigning has special attention being a Napoleonic reenactor in (amongst more) the French (formally Dutch) 3rd regiment of grenadiers of the guard. More or less annihilated in the Battle for Krasnoi. In large a situation like yours here on your table.

    1. Hi Marcel,
      I love the French veterans of the Replicant and in general the whole production of this English house that I was able to find only in America (WEB). These miniatures have a lot of charisma and is an added value in every reconstruction on the battlefield. In the photos is missing a 54mm of the original set, the Polish lancer, that if I can show you later.
      The church is self-built, but it's not my job, was built by my brother Nicola specifically for this battle, and at least one particular, you can see that it is not over yet (missing the dome of the bell tower). He is an expert in construction for showcases and wargames and literally makes miracles with balsa wood. I envy your passion for reenacment, I have no such groups near and Italians have turned more towards the late Middle Ages and other periods and less towards Napoleonic Era. I do not like the Russian campaign because I regard this as the greatest mistake of Bonaparte, but considered it an incredible opportunity to paint many different uniforms. What are the colors of the 3rd regiment of grenadiers of the guard? I'd like to have some alternative for my grenadiers Airfix and Victrix to do, even if they hope to avoid a dramatic end as the Battle for Krasnoi.

    2. The two passions lie very close to one another: the reenacting hobby & wargaming. There are aspects in both that are more or less complementary. You can visit

      for all possible info on the uniforms. They were founded as bodyguard unit for the King of Kingdom Holland, Louis, brother of Napoleon. You can see all members several times when turning around. My most clearest appearance is as the musician grenadier fifer (flute) player. The signal that you hear when you click that spot is 'the waking up of the troops in bivouac'. I entered the hobby with my son who played the drum as a member of the guard of the King of Rome, a pupil of the guard. You see him (now three years ago) on the right side of the drum in the Pupils page on the site. They are playing a game on the drum skins. I'm now in active service as a musician for the Dutch (reenacted) Prince of Orange, Willem the 2nd. Leader of the Dutch armed forces at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. He will make his official debut in the Waterloo 2015 event, needs a fife and drum corps, and I'm wanted there. Turncoat for a couple of years as you might say.
      I'm dealing with the official dealer for Replicants in England. Could lay my hands on several great items but not those French Napoleonics, up to now. This lancer (could be Dutch 2nd. of the guard, too ;-)) ) yeah, he's cool, I agree there!
      Man, I like that church. Give my compliments to your brother. He did a fine job. Oh poor children in my school, I did not work hard enough by far today. Being misled by all this. I'll blame you tomorrow Massimo. Thanks for acting this way, I do not really mind.

    3. Marcel I'm sorry for your schoolchildrens,
      today I answer to a more traditional now. I really enjoyed seeing your site, nice uniforms and great spirit!
      I saw the colors of the uniforms that have much in common with the Italian uniforms of the same era. I think I could adapt with these colors is the line infantry Italeri that the carabineers in the Hat Product.
      Now add a new job to what I'm already doing is impossible, but I promise to put on the list is also a Dutch battalion (but on the side of Napoleon ...).
      As for the set of three veterans Replicant, I know that Steve Weston no longer has the three pieces, I ordered them on Ebay:
      You try if I am able to send you the correct reference, to find the set. The seller is reliable and the price in dollars is not so expensive. I hope they are always available, if not you can try the American Hobby Bunker where they spent many pieces as the Cossack and Austrian cavalryman. I hope later to also present my version of the Lancer, perhaps with more details of the other two. Greetings also to my brother who thanks you compliments. Now, I take a little 'free time to finally visit the blog. A presto with news of our passions.

  2. Great posting Massimo. You painting skills are outstanding!

  3. Thanks Dirk,
    but is your merit now if these men are on move,
    all the more reason to give the best of me when I paint them....and my work has just begun!

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  6. Great painting , look all 54mm nice

    1. Thank you, but the technique is quite fast. I have used it for a coloring for wargame but also gives dignity to my toy soldiers. However, long live the 54mm. my favorite scale!

  7. I would read a tutorial on this, quick but extremely neat, technique with great interest, Massimo! On this blog or by personal mail. I will receive it with open arms. My painting style is more toward the battle worn look but would be thrilled to try this approach of yours.

    1. Buona sera Marcel,
      What you ask of me is not easy, first: I use a variety of colors and not all specific to the miniatures as Maimeri Polycolor, along with the colors of Cittadel and Vallejo;
      second: once you have to explain with a tutorial, my "easy" is not so easy.
      However, in your bad luck, I am presenting in an Italian forum a focus on my techniques (real or presumed) and I'm trying to photograph some of the salient points in the paint Airfix Imperial Guard.
      If and when I will finish the sequence and my Grenadiers, I feel Dirk if I can do something like this on the blog,
      but do not expect that there are not big secrets. I thank you for your appreciation, however, that are a boost to pursue this my passion.
      it is understood that I also want to take a look at your soldiers and your great collection, which I hope to see soon.
      Grazie di nuovo e a presto.