Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Halfway completion of 54mm AWI (British) grenadiers conversion.

You can have all kinds of reasons not to stick to the commercially available figures. Here I had an abundant amount of British AWI (Accurate/Revell) drummers in my boxes (don't ask me how I got hold of these) and a total lack of a real grenadier (mitre cap or bearskin) company. A simple headgear swap could do wonders here. Cut away carefully with a handheld razor blade, bearskin cap and tricornes matched the bare heads very well. Drilled and pinned with a small piece of appropriate wire, superglued in place. Small irregularities and spaces are brushed over with almost undiluted white glue. Leave this to dry again.

 Halfway products and raw material shown here. Final figure in the row is the drummer  used to donate his grenadier bearskin cap. In the front an example of an unpainted 'regular'. Originally this charging fusilier wears a tricorne, woolen hat.

This tricorne has moved to the head of a AWI Maryland light infantryman (A call to Arms) shown behind the unpainted figures. These effectively turned into new posed British regulars now. The army men are now painted about 80%. Next step is a tidy up of the off-white leather belting.

Followed by a firm black/brownish all-over wash. To be concluded with a highlighting step where needed.

In the end these are figures to play with (1/32 wargaming: About Bonaparte rule set) and not intended to be prize winners in painting contests.
 Learning from my 'kinsmen' at the Denderleeuw (B) modeling club, I will use similar models for both French adversaries and possible other 'in-the-game-needed' grenadiers alike. This is as long as my stock of the showed drummer figure, lasts. I consider this a creative and both economically attractive activity in the circumsphere of the large scale wargaming hobby. As for the mitre capped grenadier-look. I've discovered that the Replicants Culloden British include extra mitre caps. Every four figures gives two additional headgear for grenadier purposes.

The simple converted regulars look pretty nice in my opinion. They'll make a perfect rearguard line or at the ready unit. Bases are white-glued onto a hardboard moving tray as recommended big the About Bonaparte ruleset. Gravel flocking, painting and static grass finalizes the appearance. No wrapping and mixing in the grass matting  by Berko.

The veterans of the day in -wear and tear- look as I like it. Muddy top to toe and fatigue facial features.


  1. Is, apart from the Jean Hoefler Prussian, any one of you aware of firms that produce 54mm embroidered woolen mitre cap dressed grenadiers?

  2. You can see Barzso Grenadiers,
    but the scale should be slightly lower.
    Ciao, Massimo.

  3. In these days I find the grenadiers of Charben Recasts in " the Toy Soldier Company" catalogue,
    The scale is the same of Jean Hoefler, 60mm. You see if they can be used.
    Ciao again,

  4. These look great, and are indeed a welcome lot, Massimo. Thanks for the tip! I do not bother too much for acceptable variation in sizes. The same goes for the part that historical accuracy can have. Non existent opponents, settings, uniforms within a battle and so on; I am of opinion that fun has to be the prominent motivation. What strikes me in the offer of the TSC site is both the price (excl. shipping from the US) and the fact that they make their choice on the poses. Six figures in six poses available but you receive only four poses of those? Who has the first pick then? For slightly less money/figure I can obtain the Culloden British from Replicants. From the UK shipping charge is quicker and cheaper. The number of poses are limited but those available are all very useful. The extra mitre cap heads can be used on any figure of my choice. I like that better. SHOULD anyone know how I can get hold of the suggested Charben (original or recast) mitre cap figures or have some available?