Saturday, 1 March 2014

Prelude to Low Countries battlefields in 54mm

Being introduced to the About Bonaparte wargaming rules only late November of the last year, I consider myself still a rookie on the subject. Seeing the PMBD-Mobilisatie YouTube contributions I was hooked. For years I was wandering in war-game rulesets, never finding the spark that could really ignite my enthusiasm and desire for suitable atmosphere in a game setting with 54mm's. The author, Mr. Donvil, of the above mentioned piece of work encouraged me to make the trip to Denderleeuw near Brussels and experience an afternoon of gaming in the more than hospitable Flanders company of gamers. Afterwards I obtained myself a book and the accommodating dice, went home and started some probing games on my own.
Using all kind of (mostly) plastic 1/32 figures that I collected over the last 40 years. Tried to grab some of that boyish sense of adventure that seemed to be lost in time. This is my introduction and first blog message here. Hoping it to be the beginning of a series on tabletop battles from the Low Countries, using the About Bonaparte war-game rules as centerpiece of the action (and allowing some spin-off). Where the competition is covered in genuine fun!

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