Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Replay at the wargame convention in Ghent 8 March 2014

More details at link => :Marston Moor 54mm blog
Prince Rupert


  1. What an entourage. Such appealing atmosphere created by the silhouettes of massive pike blocks and imposing banners. My admiration especially for the immense logistics around such a game. Did Rupert bring his dog along? It seems to have been the focus of sarcasm and folly for both the Parliamentarians and Covernantors. Possibly my focus would lie on Montrose's Highland Clans or a stout Irish Brigade. This was actually the first historical period ever to catch my attention in terms of wargaming. Possibly infected by an Airfix published magazine no.28 on this subject (1978). I still got it. It carries a nice hypothetic scenario: a powder and 10.000 pounds pay convoy passage through Little Pottering to Puddleby. The SPA 'watertower' on the table, for me personifies the spark towards a new -to be played in future- subject: 1187 Hattin, a Saracen/Crusader driven battle. Nice work men!

  2. Ah! Forget the dog.
    But not Montrose. i'm planning to make a campaign game with the Irish regiments, clansmen and Royaist regiments facing the Covenant armies. (I have all the figures needed. See the Culloden game on youtube:

  3. Count in the men of the clan Young every now and then. Rash Highland rabble mostly, but ferocious at the clash. You know them sorts, bare feet and steel hearted. A campaign? now there's a good lad. May the Scottish Royal Standard fly soon over the small hill of Truidh in our defiant intent to fight for His Majesty's sacred cause. And eh? will Captain Blackadder ride again too? I've some dealings with his smelly sidekick with the cunning plans!

  4. Watched: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CI9Ib4koVQ) Music: Nice version of the classical Lillibullero march in the end of the suggested YouTube impression of the Culloden game. What recording/registration is it? I only know it from the Barry Lyndon movie and the version I play myself on fife and/or drum.

  5. It's from a CD from my dad. Something about British Military Band music. Don't have it here any more.

  6. Hi Dirk,
    I began to focus again on the various chapters of the Blog,
    the overview of this battle is fabulous!
    The first question that comes to mind is: how many toy soldiers are?
    Out of curiosity, I saw between figures the Call to Arms (obviously), Cherilea, Replicants, Reamsa and Jecsan, you have found soldiers of other companies?
    These armies can be also used for the 30 years war?
    Congratulations on a great job and I think a great satisfaction. Well done everyone.

  7. Hi Massimo, there are also a lot of Storme figures, some metal ones, a lot of conversions and many self made figures. From parts of metal figures made a mold in silicone and use polyurethaan to make the figures. Most of the Scots are made that way But also some of http://www.plasticunderground.net/. They do not sell any more unpainted figures.
    Number of figures on the field about 400 infantry & artillery, and about 170 mounted figures . My Highlander clansmen are not fielded in the battle, but can take part in a Montrose campaign

    Of course can all of them be used fro the 30YW, even the Scots, as many fought with the Swedisch army. That's also why they had so many veteran soldiers and officers in the ECW, as were on the English side as well. There were also clansmen in the 30YW.