Saturday, 3 January 2015

LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) Battle of the 10 armies

We played a mega LOTR game using a variant of the About Ceasar wargame rule.

On the Evil side 
left : commanded by Thomas
15 units of goblins one being reinforced with a cave troll :
2 units of skimmish (LI (s)) 12 close combat (LI) units and the one with the cave troll (MI) with 2 extra dice in close combat.
center - command by Kristof
center left 7 units of veteran Uruk Hai :
4 units of pikemen MI (p) V
3 units of sword and shield men HI V
center right 8 units of orcs 1 being reinforced with a battle troll:
1  skimish unit (LI (s)) 6 close combat units (MI) one with the battle troll (HI) with 3 extra dice in close combat
right - command by Siegfried
a mixture of wargs, Easterlings and Haradrims:
2 units of skimish Easterlings (LI (s) V) 3 units of pikemen (HI (p) V)
2 units of Haradrin skimish (LI (s)) an one of pikemen (MI (p))
3 units of wargs impact cavalry (MI (i))

On the Goodside 
right : commanded by Alberik
7 units of Elves:
6 units of Elves (elite) , each unit having 50% of  bowmen with longbow (MI E)
1 unit of elite spearmen with shield ( HI E)
center - right command by Alberik
3 units of  elite Warriors of Numenor with Sword (HI E)
2 skimish units of Gondor (MI (s)) and 4 units op spearmen (HI)
center left - command by Dirk
7 infantry units Rohan:
2 units of skimish bowmen (LI (s)) 5 units of close combat infantry (MI)
left - command by Dirk
4 units of  veteran Rohan cavalry impact (MI (i) V)
5 units of vetteran Dwars:
1 unit of skimish bowmen (MI (s)) one unit of veteran pikemen (HI (p) V) and 3 units of close combat infantry (HI V)

The commander of th Evil side Kristof wasn't happy with the great number of elite wariors on the good side and also them having longbows, giving a greater range.  He considered the nummeric superiority (43 vs 32)  of the evil side didn't compensate this. It troubled him the whole game long, loosing the overview of the course of the battle.

On Evil right side, Siegfried charged with his Wargs the Dwarf pikemen, and agaist all odds sweeping them away, the breaktrough also destroying the Dwarf bowmen unit. A real bad start for the good side. 

On the Good sides' right, the Elves were atttacked by the goblins but stood ground, and even more, took the initiative themselves advancing on their thurn, pushing the goblins back. But then came the cave troll unit. inflicting casulaties.

In the center, Kristof advanced with part of his orcs and only his pikemen Uruk Hai.

Dirk charged with 2 units of Rohan horse towards a unit of Haradrim bowmen, but they manged to retreat before umpact. The next round, this cavalry unit charged the Haradrim pikemen, but didn't succeed in a breaktrough, the close combat continuing the next round.

The Gondorians came under presure from the battle troll. One unit gave way , it's place taken by Numenorians.  To releave the presure from the Elves on the Goblins Kristof did sent  his swordmen Uruk Hai agianst the Elves.  Some Elve units were by now isolated against huge numbers of Goblins. Some Goblin units were already destroyed, but by now also two Elve units ceased to exist.  One Goblin unit attacked a unit of Gondorians and... retouted them. The good side line was pearced. 

Hoping for a second major success, Siegfried ordered his wargs to renew their attacks against the Dwars, but failed painfully, one unit destroyed on impact.  Another unit of the Dwarfs attacked a bowmen unit of  Haradrim, and destroyed it after two close combat turns. The melee of Rohan cavalry against Easterlings pikemen turend in favor of the former. Another Rohan unit charged  Easterling bowmen, the latter evading.  

The Uruk Hai pikemen were also able to destroy a unit of Gondorians, but theid advance bogged down against the Numenorians, their second line only giving support to the first two units. 

The Orcs, except the unit with the battle troll were driven back, enabling the Gondorian archers to target the battle troll unit, and destroying it.  Dirk advanced with his Rohan infantry against the remaining orcs to keep them away af the Gondorian weakened position.

The Elves started to retreat from their to advanced position to save their depleated units and saving their wing. 

Another Warg unit was destroyed, as were also a the two 2 remaining  units of haradrims and  a bowmen unit Easterlings. 
With more than halve his units routed or destroyed, Siegfried command was broken, 
The good side triumphed

Both The Evles and Goblins armies were at one unit from their command being broken. 
A very close run.  With the Evil side center only lost 2 units of Orcs, it is clear Kristof had not been agressive enough, and should normally have broken the Good sides' center. Siegfried could have used his Easterling pikemen in first line with the bowmen behind on the hiltop, giving support and having a clear view for shooting.


  1. Good report Dirk! Compliments to the players, it showed a real mighty battle, a genuine celebration of the latest Peter Jackson movie. Is there any appetite for more of the plastic LOTR models? I guess they are easily obtainable nowadays. Anyway: I still have some Numenorian, Dwarfs, Orcs, UrukHai, Rohirrim, Goblins and Gondorians laying about. Not really interested in them any more. I'm in for a trade!

    1. as i'm thinking of bringing a big(ger) LOTR battle at Crisis, reinforcements are always welcome!