Saturday, 24 January 2015

Speelgoed 2000 (Antwerpen-Deurne)

Dear everyone. I have been several times in this store. This store is a must for anyone with our common hobby. No store in the Netherlands has so many stock (figures 1/35 - 1/72). Furthermore, they have many model kits and historical boardgames. Unfortunately no pictures of the range. But if you are near this store ..... Very worthwhile and a friendly saleswoman.

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  1. Ok Peter, did you drive the same route as I did when I first took you there? Drank Guiness again? To complete this: I got the name from Patrick Pots (thanks again Patrick, honoring who deserves it, do we owe you a Tennessee Bourbon now?) in Nov. 2013 on my maiden visit to Denderleeuw. So I guess most PMCD members actually do know this 'hot spot' in Antwerp. How is the toy soldiering getting along. Love to see new images from your impressive modular game table (See: both 'Bergen 1799' blogs, June 2014).