Saturday, 17 January 2015

Old toy soldiers never die….

…they get a bath in concentrated detergent, are cut up into useful pieces, drilled, pinned and glued into firm and nice new chimeras to serve the goal that they've been put on earth for…….. war gaming! 

Big clean out requested, I'm searching for…

For upcoming new conversion material I'm anxiously on the hunt for some Jean Hoefler cowboy figures. Both are the mounted type, although I do not need the horses. Color variations are of no consequence, playtime damage (as long as it doesn't effect the heads/headgear) is no problem.

First WANTED figure: 

Second WANTED figure:

More figures of the same pose are more then welcome. Preferably shipped in sturdy envelop with regular mail. A possible deal is better settled through personal mail. I can trade, do a commission or pay for brought-in material. Ask all your toy-soldier mates for these normally obsolete figures! And contact me!

Thanks and happy hunting!


  1. Thus far I found three of the poses as the green cowboy above! An average of one each day since this posting. Would be much obliged if I succeeded to find a least 20 pieces of both! Can this be done?

  2. 23th of January now. Today a sum of eleven plastic 'recruits' reported for duty. I'm at 25% of my goal. Can't complain, really.

  3. End of the road.... Four months after publication of this posting. 21 figures have been send to me by various former owners. They are all in the strong detergent solution for degreasing and old paint removal. Then they start new lives as Boers in my quick reaction force. Still not sure what to do for the British/Australian opponents. What figures shall I use?