Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Napoleon, The trip to Russia 1812

Dear friends. My winter landscape or front is almost finished. 
Now I have to adjust my figures for winter. Examples you see below (still unpainted).

Starving soldiers in retreat with a temperature of minus 28 degrees

Of course, I also must pay attention to the retreat across the Berezina. 

At a later stage, I will also make 
two bridges for senario Beresina.
Then my front is ready for wargame.

Two people who have made this journey are Sergeant Bourgogne and Joseph Abeel.
Reports can be read in the diaries of them. Definitely worth reading.




  1. Peter, I've send you several inspirational examples of ''French alliance 1812 campaign troops" in improvised winter clothing. Amongst them two cavalry units and a (Benthien build, bridge, crossing?) infantry unit in varied 'cold weather' dress. Hope you
    can use these for you running '1812' project. Would love to see the new modular terrain boards you plan to produce. Happy toy soldiering!

  2. ...No news from the Eastern front...?