Sunday, 26 April 2015

De Pinte again Focus of Fierce 54mm Fighting

Top of the bill Wargame at Bart's

It can not be mentioned too often: a fine day of wargaming stands or falls with the hosting of it.
Today, Sunday 26 of April 2015 PMCD was a joy again! A great day out.

Bart, you and your dear family, thank you for the hospitality!

The prelude to this confrontation (campaign log) can be read here:

The city of Regensburg seen from the East side of the fighting, where the Wurtemberger high-command is situated in a walled farmstead.

Without giving away the result of the final, campaign battle: a few images of the immense table and hundreds of 54mm's figures, depicting the 'Storm over Bavaria: 1809'.

French elite skirmishers in the woods. Trying to pick-off Austrian officers and musicians.

From the walls of the city of Regensburg, manned by veteran Bavarian infantry units.
High Command of both sides will await the dramatic reports of their subordinate officers to conclude this episode of fanaticism, fought to the very last breath, blood and ball!

A more complete report on this battle, will be published later on by game master, campaign manager and game rules author Mr. Donvil. 

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