Friday, 10 April 2015



Fierce urban warfare along the Donau

Where French and German allied forces, hang into balance with their Austrian/Hungarian opponents, the long foreseen fighting over Regensburg is thought to take to the streets of this medieval city itself.
When the Habsburgians take the main bridge over the river it will prove to be a setback in months if not years for the French cause. It is not unthinkable that the Rhine States will show turncoats and hundreds-of-thousands of good fighting men put their faith and trust in the mustached Emperor in White. Alas, behold the current of the river Donau at Ratisbon!

See you all soon: fellow campaigners, supporters, absent-friends, toy pushers, game umpires, plastic men, organizers, hosts, drink bringers, drink boozers, just lookers, battle winners and day losers.  

Please bring your good mood and lucky (dice) hand!

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