Thursday, 3 September 2015

LOTR game "The battle of The Pints' Mill "

Battle  using "Aangaande Koningen en Helden" - fantasy version of "About Caesar".

De Pinte 30/08/2015.

An Evil army closed in on the village The Pints Mill. An army of the Good was waiting for them.
The Evil side: right to left
- Gaitan(a novie to the game) goblin army of 18 units light infantry except one unit with a mountain troll (medium infantry with an extra +2D in close combat), and 4 skirmish units (bowmen).
- Alwin: Haradrim army with one unit of cavalry, 3 of skirmish bowmen, 3 units of medium pikes.
Alberik: CIC with a winged Nazgul 8 units of Uruk-Hai veteran heavy infantry of which were 4 pike units, and 4 units of wargs (medium cavalry with a +1D in close combat)
Kristof: 10 units of orcs   , 7 being medium infantry and 3 heaving a battle troll being heavy infantry with a +2 in close combat).
Dirk: reinforced Easterling army: 2 medium bowmen units, 2 heavy infantry units, one heavy pike unit and one heavy cavalry unit (impact). reinforced by 3 units of orcs

Army of the Good:
Left to right:
Thomas 6 units of Rohan medium infantry, 3 of light skirmish (bowmen) infantry, reinforced with a unit of Elves (50% bowmen) Elite medium infantry.
Siegfried: 7 units of veteran heavy infantry dwarfs, one of medium bowmen, 1 units of green light infantry Hobbits, one Hobbit units with an Ent: medium green infantry, with a +2 in closed combat.
Adrien: 8 units of Elves (50% bowmen) Elite medium infantry. 1 unit of heavy infantry elite, one unit of bowmen, medium elite.
Robe: Rohan cavalry : heavy veteran impact cavalry.
Mark: 3 units of  Númenorians : heavy elite infantry
1 unit of Gondorian heavy impact cavalry
2 units of medium Gondor infantry bowmen
5  units of Gondor heavy infantry

Bad command dicing and the difficult terrain made it for the Evil side to advance fast. It gave in the centre the Elves the opportunity to make their archery telling. Two war units were destroyed before even coming close to the enemy.

 The remaining wargs were able to attack the Rohan cavalry, giving the orcs the possibility to close in.
With no room left for impact charges and attacked by the battle trolls they were decimated quickly. 

On the Evil right, the lack of experience of Gaitan with the rule , prevented him for making advantage of his numerical superiority to make a wide front. His poor quality troops were pushed of table. 
The Haradrin troops were no match for the dwarfs, who on top of that received assistance of the Elves.
The Evil right was crumbling.

On the Evil left, I (Dirk) tried to outflank the advancing Numenorians with MY bowmen, however coming very close to the main orc medium infantry force.  I welcomed the aid of the 6 units of Kristof but lost the whole picture of the battle in this local fight.  These 6 units would have made a difference in the centre, helping the battle trolls hit the Elves hard.  The Rohan cavalry army was defeated, but the Elves were still strong enough to defeat the Uruk-hai. The dwarfs wiped out the Hardadrins, and the Ent helped to finish of the goblins. 

 The Ent and the end
Conclusion : once the armies came a grip things evolved fast, but the higher rated armies of the Good (many veterans and elites)  made the difference. Now Gaitan has learned the game system, he will in the future know how to handle his armies, and I once more learned to keep focus on the whole picture of the battle.

Many thanks to Bart & Martine for their hospitality and catering.


  1. I don't like fantasy, but your battle is fantastic for my eyes. Great battlefield, with a lot of miniatures (for me an impossible number!) and beautiful pics in action. A return in force on the wargames fields. I hope again to fight with your enthusiasm!
    Sorry, Dirk was defeated, but in the Fantasy good guys always win, or not?

  2. Hi Massimo. Many figures are from my son Alberik, and another major part are from Thomas, and 3 units of dwarfs from Siegfried. My contribution was the Ent, scratch build, but still needing some finishing.

    We added some magic to the game too, the ghosts and wizards with a flag command die, could influence an ongoing hand to hand combat: ghosts could give a minus 2D to an enenmy unit, wizards had the choise to do the same or to add +2D to their own side. It wasn't used that much. A better organized Evil side would have won I think. Started the game without positioning the units in a good order, while on the Good side, the units were all on the right spot. A bit to eager to start the game.

    Maybe my judgment was influenced by the good beer: After some Maredsous tripel thanks to Bart, things weren't that clear....
    ;-) , but it was a fun game, we willrepeat in October and at Crisis, with a paraticipation game, everyone welcome.

  3. LOTR fantasy players for CRISIS. Is it possible to supply me with a list of minimal demands concerning the rocky hills or outcrops that you want to see on the PMCD table at CRISIS 2015. I've things hanging around here that can be put to good use. But it might be that I want to produce something more specific... it all depends on what you guys have in mind!? Now's the time.